Party on chaos

The more I think about human intelligence, the less I am impressed. I seems almost to be characterized by a billion ants wandering at random and hoping to solve a chaotic event. Ants have a marvelous way of getting solutions by their seeming random activity and of course it is not truly random. The difference between random solutions to problems and effective solutions is that the random approach can only go so far. In systems that range in complexity to virtual infinities it might seem that it is hopeless and that any body's odds are as good as any body else's. That is not actually rational either.

I see solution in the universe and they derive from the progression of process applied in a scientific way. It is very cumbersome and dull and really not fun at all. It isn't even personally rewarding in the sense that it makes me feel good about my own worth and value as a person. The difference is that the conclusions are valid and not random. Some times it actually makes me very unhappy to know the truth about myself and others. This does not make the information any less valid. I would certainly like to live in an illusion and the key word is 'like'. There is a point where I can't look at reality any more because it is too painful in a personal sense. I have reached that point for today and I am going to work on my Python AI and 'C' implementation of a constructive interface method.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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