Psychology of power

I think I may understand what people who work with power are thinking. It is a dangerous road and self delusion is rampant. The principle may be sound but the application is damaged. It is very dangerous to allow a person ( any person ) to develop grand and glorious structures with a lack of scientific skill. They turn out exactly like children's crayon drawings of a world. I am not a scientific elitist that thinks that scientists should rule the world. I think science and reason should rule the world and that is a big difference. I may be an independent scientist, but I am not science.

I am reminded of a Saturday Night Live bit about a mechanic and his friend has let him fix the car. He arrives to see how the mechanic is doing and he is hitting things at random to see if it will start working.

I think that global warming is an issue that bears some consideration and so does every other issue like disposing of nuclear waste or disease or economics. If you create a system where I am elected by people who are easily confused and controlled, they will elect the controller's pet. What was that "An informed electorate?". Most people in the US couldn't tell you what was going on for a bet. Another downside of generations of manipulation.

If the conquering hero rides his horse to death, will he walk to victory? It seems that the system is flawed because it is not a valid system at all.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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