Rules of design

The leaders of this world seem to have a magical power that only exists in their minds. If you were to hire somebody to redesign the world, would their qualifications be charisma and charm and energy or a history of killing people for a living? The idea that a person who has no knowledge of the mechanics of process could devise and decide a plan to reorganize the planet into a wonderful society is ludicrous. So if they have some magical power that allows them to understand the structure of the world in all it's complexity and control it for the better, let them show it.

I will make a model of a simple tribe of people and they will be allowed to modify the actions of the group in competition with their rival.

The whole thing is ridiculous. What possible skill could an individual have to deal with a complex society? If we were dealing with whether to use stones or sticks to hunt antelopes, then somebody should pick one and go with it. When we are deciding to use quantum entanglement or g' technology in the coming years, then a single person with no technological understanding would be the best person to do that. Monolithic society is a doomed structure in a complex environment. Even nature knows this. If I had to wait for my brain to respond to withdraw from a flame it would be too late. Direct central control is a dream of some wannabe Pharaoh. What stuns me is that people like to have an idiot Pharaoh.

Just to clarify, I consider myself competent, I think that everybody is stupid including myself. It is by acting together that we become smart.

If a government actually succeeded in controlling ever thing that people do, it would collapse. They do not have some magic skill that allows them to see the ultimate truth. A system designed by an obviously self deluded posse is bound to fail. In flexibility and divergence is the solution to complexity and there is no one single answer. The politics of religion and the delusion that there IS some absolute principle that is perfect results in the continuous attempt to force order on chaos with an invalid method.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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