Puppet masters II

I have tested some of the principles involved and the technique is quite a bit different than the physical manipulation of individuals that is the basis for society as it exists in the world today. In the Foundation Trilogy it was the 'mule' which had the ability to control peoples minds which ultimately controlled the empire. The concept that an AI program might be a 'mule' is a twist on this scenario, but it is the obvious state that will develop. The concept of singularity is monolithic in it's view of the process and I think that it is a process that has no inflection that could be identified as a point conversion.

The erosion in human machine interaction is progressive and the dependence has a positive effect. The physical oppression of people is a disturbing thing to me and seems to be another side effect of process that surrounds life. I don't want to become a machine, but I see the utility in the use of the technology, even if it seems to erode my concept of self. I don't entertain any delusion that I am some product of supreme intersection. Though it might be nice for a movie or a dream, it has no evidence in fact, nor does it even follow from any typical process of discovery. I think that somebody came up with the myth of origins and it sounded so good and worked so well as a management tool that it was passed from generation to generation and modeled and improved. It implies that 90% of the population of the earth is deluded.

It is not something that I see as a good thing that this is done and in some way it is a symbiotic delusion. It is still a delusion.

I have experienced the effects of people attempting to use me as a tool and I don't find it amusing. I know that behind the smile is a fist. I guess I am attempting to evaluate what choice I have in this matter. It is very much like being chased by a beast of some horrible corruption that will certainly die at it's own hand, but the process of it's death throws will destroy everything around it unless it is tranquilized and neutralized. I don't make this world, I just observe and attempt to understand. I would be nice if there were a real manual.

What possible sense is there to allow someone who is without technical understanding of the universe to decide what is the best choice for all humanity? I can see in the society that there is a consistent and continuous erosion of the quality of everybody's life by the insistence of noble right to consume others for their personal gain.

The things that people do, whether good or evil, can burden others long after their demise. I wonder how long everybody will pay for the bad intentions of government and industry to grasp at whatever they want for their pleasure with no consideration that it is ultimately destructive to the whole and as such their own children.

What sense can a person have to act in such a manner as to flood the planet with chemical debris to elevate themselves at the cost of life itself. How does a corporation justify the continuous use of PCB's when they know it's effect? Will they choose the logical proper answer or simply that which serves them for the moment. Squirrels have more morality than these people.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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