Leap frog

One of my favorite technology games is leap frog. I take existing technology and mix it so I can identify possible new methods. Identity theft is an issue because poor techniques are used to identify the person for commerce. In an age of electronic identity it depends on complexities which cannot be effectively predicted. I discovered a new flaw on the horizon and it is a real mind jammer. I know that there are some very serious security issues in computers that are just around the corner.

Dilbert blog reports that ( I know it is a joke ) messing with Microsoft profits might reduce the income of Bill Gates and thus mean less life saving in Africa. You must understand how the mind of a eugenicist works. It is not a simple process that can be taken on face value. The ultimate goal of the process of 'helping' people in Africa is to establish a method to control and eliminate all endemic disease vectors so that the continent can be inhabited by people from another country. The goal is to establish a new slave market. The long term game is to soften the target with civil war and disease and then when it is completely decimated, offer help in the form of invasion and death.

I think that from a simple global perspective, the African continent is a ripe cherry that could be picked if the people were removed and disease could be eliminated. The real estate profit would be vast if the indigent people could be used to test new disease cures like lab monkeys and then when a solution is found, invade with full economic force. The sale of weapons also has the benefit of supporting the military economy of the developed states and disposes of the native population. It sounds like a sci-fi method but it does work and it work in this country also.

I wish I knew Rod Serling the writer of the Twilight Zone as he obviously understood this tool and presented it as an episode. I never grasped the analogy until now. It is similar to divide and conquer. You use hate and fear between people to get them to kill each other and while they fight, you laugh as you take all that is left. I will spell out the process. If I can create an argument between my enemies and get them to kill each other then I have to do nothing to win. In the case of the elite, it is the general population that is the enemy. If you can set one faction against another and get them to spend their time destroying each other, then you simply pick up the pieces of what is left.

The tools you use must have a gut emotional effect so that a person is consumed with emotion and thus will not think rationally about the outcome. Look a child molester run kill them, look a meth lab hurry run kill it, look a drunk driver, run kill them, etc ....

In the end the only people left will be those who can't be manipulated to kill each other by confusing them.

I am not sure which is the problem, somebody so easily convinced to kill their neighbor or the person who uses their emotions against them. I am not a person who sees morality in things, I just see messes that are made by bad process.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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