Opinions and facts

How is it that when faced with exactly the same information, the conclusions that are drawn from the data are so widely variant as to be chaotic. I think that there is something to be learned there. If I take a sample of people and expose them to exactly the same information and measure the conclusions that they give, I think that it would show something about chaos theory. I am guessing that some will have a longer cycle to conclusion. I bet that it is possible to assign rand(x) to the results and see that there is an absolute random component to the things that people see as absolute. Also I would guess that even though they assign logic to their process, they will act in such a way that the results are skewed to self interest.

If you take a concept more complex than the sum of one and one, you start to see a divergence in conclusion that reflects the underlying chaos of the process. Scientific process is intended to be consistent and repeatable. So then how is it possible to have 6 billion different opinions about the same data?

I think that people just pick a horse at random and ride.

If you took a group of people who believed in different gods and then asked them to honestly define what god is, they would all have a different answer. We all believe exactly the same thing, it is just that it is different. The methods, implementation and conclusions are silly and by that I mean random and paradoxical.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that the people involved are unable to develop a valid understanding of the world. As a fall back position they do what has worked in the past.

I think the LHC issue is a good example. How many people actually understand the physics of the universe completely? If you have a number greater than zero then my argument is lost on you. The problem is that many people have an opinion, even though they have no possibility of understanding the process. It certainly does not come from factual prediction of the process. So it has to be rand(x)*me.And if you say that you know the guy and he has been right in the past ( even though you don't understand why ) then that is about as predictive as the rock didn't fall on me yesterday. My opinion is based on the fact that people are hysterical and the universe blows things up every day and it doesn't melt everything into a slag heap. I have other information that leads me to think it is not a planet killer, but it wouldn't serve anybody to argue that.

Just considering this has given me a new understanding.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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