Living the nightmare

I actually can't repeat some of the things I see because it disturbs me so much. I watched a show on Darfur last night and I was surprised at the matter of fact tone that they describe some things that would be far scarier than any slasher movie I have seen. I know that these things have been common through out the human history and you could say that this is just human nature, but I must disagree. I don't think that all people are this way. I would have to guess that the majority of people who exist today would consider it impossible to act in this way.

I do not think that force and violence can ever reduce violence. That is like saying that killing will put an end to killers. That is bad logic. The mere fact that there is food on a table in one country and others die for lack of food is a symptom of the overall problem.

The fact that a country or organization or government stands between the efforts of people to survive as a group is where the problem arises. The mere fact that a brutal organization is replaced by a constantly more brutal structure is the pattern. No matter how well intentioned the military can claim to be, there is no peace in war.

I have seen several reports of families that have been killed by family members to save themselves from the hell of poverty. That seems to say it all right there. It is like the suicide of Hitler. It has nothing to do with morality or shame or compassion or rightness. It is a disrespect for life itself and it extends to those who embrace it. They cannot see the value of life, even in themselves. It is a tissue paper to be used and thrown away.

I have discussed those who hide in the light before and though the subject has been considered by many, there is always a hope that it will be understood and something can be done about it.

In some ways it is exemplified in the idea of "users and L-users". The system of rule by force is so out of date that it reeks. It is an age of information and it should be obvious that the pressures that create the situations are inherent in a closed system. The human race needs to expand or implode. Life has a force and this cannot be denied, but life in a closed system is hell.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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