Opinions of origin

I would have to guess that life did not originate on this planet at all. It is the specific precursor arrangement of molecules and system that is inherently useful in certain conditions. In time I think that the space exploring concept will be the projection of seeds to other planets that have a potential for life and are not yet seeded. The idea of robots exploring space seems absurd since they would never be able to establish culture and environment for the colonization of space. Any sensible organism would make certain assumptions about space and just like the Earth, the combined effort of individuals is vastly superior to the regulated and single focus development of corporations and governments. A corporation will NOT make a product that it cannot get profit from and so where does that leave us when the best solution for a disease is never created so somebody can line their pockets instead?

Obviously the people who want to be our fearless overlords are only interested in the same thing, an extension to the house and a full basement or maybe a few hookers too.

It would be a concert of effort. The more people who work cooperatively for the benefit of others and themselves without consideration for having a gold hat to pimp around in, then the sooner we will have useful answers.


I suggest we send the DNA and support modules for the most altruistic people into space to colonize. I would hardly think that if you send politicians into space without a full complement of slaves and hookers that they would survive.


If you send the most adaptive precursor molecules and single celled organisms at the planets, they will eventually get there and if we plan the seeding well, it will work. So there is my reasoning. If it makes sense from this side then it would make sense to another world. If you create what you are in the stars, then when you finally meet it won't be such a shock.

It seems only logical that we could and would help those we help to create, but if we send machines and people who like to kill to the stars, we are likely to get something worse back.

We can make a rough guess of what planets are suitable for life and even if we screw up and kill each other off, maybe the next Earth will do better at cooperating to survive. And if we do well, we may be visited by those that came up with the same concept and want to help us understand the problems that arise when people want to be god and not just what they are, which seems fairly miraculous in itself.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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