Guess the alien

I am just playing guess the alien for fun today.

I think quantum entanglement is a sexy concept like time machines and it will go nowhere. Neutrillium is a good name for devices based on the more powerful forces that work in the Nucleus. I have a good idea of the general form of this process and I can look to scientific history to see what might come of it. Radioactive compounds existed forever and when it was discovered that it was measurable in some way then it was quantified and the results were that there was more force being created in the atom than any chemical fuel. The race begins. What makes them give up this energy? Then the bomb.

Obviously to any casual observer the powers that bind the structure of the Proton are vastly more powerful than those between Protons and Neutrons. How do we get that power and use it? It took nearly 50 years to go from a realization that there was something there in the atom and the point where it was used.

Oddly, here we are at the beginning of a new century and there in the shadows is a new possibility that could be the big boom. Every age has had it's fires that burn the lives and it was steel, gun powder, oil, machines, electronics, atomics, and now something far more useful and destructive. I studied the process of who was involved in the understanding of fission and there were some points where a new idea was developed and then it moved one step closer. I am fairly good at guessing these little jolts but I am not complete or consistent in making the leaps.

It was by shared effort that the understanding was completed and hidden effort that it was developed. That is the nature of the beast. I am sure that even though nobody will admit that they are actively pursuing this technology, that it is done in secret and every time it is mentioned in public it is cast as stupid speculation and impossible. Me thinks they doth protest too much.

What exactly is that guy doing under the stadium?

I have a general idea of what devices could be created from the control of these forces.The destructive force of the fusion bomb, stars and supernovas pale in comparison. A material is only as strong as a single atomic bond multiplied by area and even that is not complete as there are things taking place that seem to be ignored. I saw an odd thing yesterday when I was out walking and until yesterday I would have just dismissed it as one of those things. As the understanding of the universe increases, it is possible to identify that there is something going on that was not recognized before. Each person gains from experience and every day is a new revelation for me. Each new technique I learn puts me closer to understanding. I saw a puzzle at a hobby store yesterday also and it was funny, because I saw the properties of it stripped out like my analysis of Rubik's cube. I saw faces, rotations, groups, probabilities, associations, algorithms, and solutions. I like it when the things I learn can be applied.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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