OpenGL and programming

I have been studying the history of openGL and I see that it is a reasonable standard that seeks to retain the utility of software and avoid the pitfalls of proprietary systems which cause a person to continuously recreate the same methods for new designs. Unix and hence Linux is also a system which allows this. The idea of proprietary hardware and software as a basis for computational advancement is destructive and serves only the monopoly that enforces it. I can see that madmen and killers could be so easily herded, but to herd a sea of cats is quite another undertaking. They will do what they have done. They will establish a standard for themselves and use it for their benefit and though it is not as direct and immediate as brute force it is the only reasonable option.

The person who accepts that economy and life are run upon the principles of personal desire and greed will not simply observe the process of rational evolution of ideas and embrace it. They have no need for it and it is destructive to their principles. It is a matter of individual understanding of the universe that is actually the deeper fact. A bit of common sense , a little delayed gratification for much greater effect, and a sense of community and empathy.

I think that the coherent teaching of many of these software principles require a groundwork that is hardly standard. Algebra, matrix math, vectors, normals, pixels, perspective, perception, topology, and many other things. It would be funny if there were a human library of knowledge that used the same rules as Linux, a program has dependencies and so does learning. It is difficult to learn openGL if you don't understand the underlying educational dependencies.

That is an odd thought and it is certainly commonly true and leads to all kinds of odd things in practice. I just giggle some times when I see somebody who has failed to do the prerequisite underlying study and finds themselves absolutely blocked by something that they should have studied before they even started. I don't think that education is any more or less complex than this if a person is to be specialized in a single science. I have the advantage of studying all the libraries and I know when a dependency is not being satisfied.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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