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In evolution it takes millions and even billions of years for a creature to find the truth in a biological sense and I think that there is a point where people either select the choice which is inevitable or die as a race. There is a reason we are apes and mimics. We are nothing and we learn from the universe and this is the best format possible if we learn well enough. Conservation of human life. The process of physical dominance is overtaken by a greater physical violence and viciousness in nature. It is the creature that develops a balance with nature that survives. The others predate themselves to death. A locust will not limit itself and it has developed an interesting twist on personal Armageddon. Those that survive continuously balance their consumption and viciousness to the environment. It is necessary to deal with force by force, but to consume without end is a prescription for death of a species. I am not speaking of a need for some considerate head nodding and rabid action ten minutes later. If people fail to recognize this principle, the will either be bound in a cycle of total destruction for millions of years, be supplanted by an organism that understands the limits of life, or find some way to feed the madness and hunger of greed that never dies.

My guess is number two and it will happen within months or never. The madness of power will act and equally as soon, but with brutality we have not yet witnessed. I wonder what the schools were saving me from as a child to fail to describe the bloody and brutal history of recent nations. If I had this information earlier I would have been more guarded in dealing with people of power and known their true nature sooner. I suppose that is the real point, to make it easier for the king to rule.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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