Economics of violence

It is far more profitable and convenient to kill somebody than it is to trade with them. If you seek power and have no social compass, then it is obviously the best path to take. If violence is controlled by a larger organization then it is sometimes more profitable to just manipulate people and that is also more profitable than working for a goal.

The economics of violence will always be skewed to favor the more brutal action. Along with this attitude is also the idea that the person of violence need not understand anything or produce anything. This is where the flaw in that system exhibits itself in a highly technological society. If I don't feel that I will work and create for my own benefit and those I care about, then I will never understand the nature of the universe. In addition I may actively support and search for new technology that maintains the system of brute force, but it will fail because there will come a time ( like now ) that those who provide the knowledge necessary for despotism to thrive will not comply and as a result they will seek ways to compel them to act. A scientist does not do good work with a gun to his head. I was head of R&D at a company and I found that intelligent people work best if you post a goal and ignore them.

Over the past 20 years I have watched technology grow and kept my ideas on military power to myself. I see that what they call military power and military science is simply a kindergarten parody.

I know how to create signals with huge power to noise ratios that are completely undetectable by conventional means and thus I can transfer power and information for long distances without any risk of discovery. What is a neutrino? I certainly believe that eventually scientists will develop a complete understanding of the universe, and I hope that they are also smart enough to see that if you hand a gun to a tyrant they will shoot you with it.

If I have a weapon and I refuse to use it to kill a tyrant, that is what separates the two of us. I don't have to be so stupid as to leave it out for them to use against me or even be honest about what the side effects are if it is used.

If the madmen want to own the universe, let them spend their life in pursuit of science. It is a contradiction in terms and is highly improbable. They seek the quick solution of destruction over construction and will never know even what I already know.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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