Open source government

I have a new government which I am promoting, I charge 1% less sales tax and 10% less income tax until it is completely relegated to individuals. It is to be a free trade zone and this is illegal under US law as even the trading in software for free is considered an offense that can be punishable by life imprisonment. Under the laws of the IRS, the use of software created by one individual that has benefit for another constitutes a sale and as such you must pay taxes and thus every person who uses and makes free things is a criminal. That may come as a shocker to you, but if you have a system designed to manipulate and intimidate for the profit of the abusers, then they will eventually do this.

Do I have a right to talk to my neighbor? Do I have a right to have a party and serve free beer? It is a process that is obvious in it's method to collect money and this is the purpose of the government. They do not use it efficiently and they have created monsters that will take millenia to fix. Where are they hiding the nuclear waste? I know for a fact that infrastructure and even the weapons systems that the countries produce are out of date and new technology always makes things ineffective. With technology changing so fast, the result is that I have knowledge of technology that could overthrow any government and as such, they rule only by habit. If you look at history you will see that even the silly little changes in thinking lead to changes in which government is in charge. Ghengis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Lenin, and on for twenty thousand years, Rule Brittania, Brittania rules the sea, we control the air space, we control the satellites, we control the internet, we control the ports and borders, we control the heroine trade, we control the oil, we .... you get the point. It is a silly game and if they want to play, they should at least be better than falling for fool's mate. I hate it when conquest is so boring.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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