I want my money back

The government has failed to provide protection and has made life more difficult for me and has interfered with the natural process of science to the detriment of myself and others. They have held to and used religious principles to establish ridiculous groundless moralities that they fail to adhere to. Case in point: When I was young the government told me that gambling was evil and they had to have special police to round up and imprison the people who do this evil thing and in this way they would protect me from the vile process of gambling and booze and cigarettes and prostitution. Today it is taxed and even run by the government. The government is the mafia. Give me my money back or I will take it out in trade! This is not in the least a joke, they fail to understand the technicalities of the universe and thus fail to see the obvious failure in their methods, like the mafia, they have become sedentary and corrupt within their own ranks and are ripe for plucking.

Some people are no old enough to have been alive when this was done, but I remember it well.I thought that by getting this evil out then we would be safer. Obviously the method of the government is to DO exactly what they claim is evil. This means that if the government wants to protect children from sexual predation and murder, then they WILL do this in the future as a matter of government sponsored process. You might think that is a little weird, but if you had been alive to see the demonization of gambling and then the government use of it, then it would not be sci-fi. I am quite certain that the goal of the US government is to become absolute unrestricted pedophiles.

The process is obvious and the model and vectors point to only one thing. You possibly would say that this is not what is going on but you would be saying that without observing the system as a whole. As I said before, it is not difficult for me to find out who deals drugs or who runs prostitution or which police are corrupt. It is the citizen that fails to see this. Every criminal knows how to find their connection easily. Are the cops stupider than the criminals? They just want to see how the business is run so they can integrate it in their mafia. It was said that England was involved in Opium trade and I am quite sure that was true. It is not an idle joke I am making, this is my considered opinion of what is actually being done as we speak. This is their goal.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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