Excuse me mail

I wonder why the government continues to fund snail mail when it is obviously obsolete? It is symptomatic of the general principle of creating a program to pay off people who elect them and support them and never end it. It is an absurd waste of money and is a job where you spend your day delivering advertising to people's homes. It is an invasion of privacy also. If I want a package from somebody, I can get it at UPS or Fed Ex just as well. If you want to communicate with people a cell phone works much better than a letter with 17 fonts.

I am astounded at the amount of technology the police have in my little town. And what do they use it for? What I mean is that I generally know everybody in town and what they do because I walk a lot and like to get out and meet people and I will talk to random people at the super market. It is a way of seeing how other people think about life.

I have lived in hundreds of cities as I traveled around doing computers and I am an odd person because I like to find out things. I can tell you that I could identify the drug dealers and money launderers in any town within twenty days of my arrival. It is simple logic. If I hold up 3 of my 4 fingers, the other one is a secret, right.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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