On the head

I think I hit it right on the head on another topic. It is obvious if you understand physics in general that if you want to move around in space that you need something more than a tin can. The radiation in space is extremely intense and the dangers that are faced by debris are multiplied by many scales of magnitude at speeds that would be required to move across the stars.

Where do you get that type of force to contain and power to drive? There is only one place that I know of and that is inside the proton. I am sure that this is the secret investigation that is hidden by obfuscation and weird reports. People can easily be fooled and this is a sad thing that I think comes from empathy and not stupidity. I know that some people like the idea of worm holes and black holes of gravitation, but that is pretty much crap as far as I can see. A mathematical oddity that develops when math is applied to the wrong method.

The dimensional technologies are more powerful but they will never be realized until the base technology is established. I see that Intel is promoting multiple core processors as a solution to the future and that is interesting, but some un-patentable techniques are better if you are changing horses anyway. Never will be done by these people however, no monopoly means no can do. The growth of computability could jump by a factor of 1000 per year if the process were not dependent upon maintaining a company. Profit is not for people, it feeds the vampires.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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