Follow the money

It makes more sense now. I don't know what is absolutely true in a world where deception is one of the common modes of playing games, but the wolf still has to follow the sheep even if he wants to hide the fact from the other wolves and the sheep. If you know where the sheep are you will eventually see the wolf.

I was remarking that the amount of money being spent in Iraq could provide enough bullets to kill every living person on the planet and I was wondering where the money was going.

There is of course graft to make some of the wolves look in the stream for the sheep. It is being siphoned for secret research into the subject that I mentioned. There will never be an accounting of it. If they fail, they must pretend they have won. If they win, they will crush the human race like a old oil can. So if they say they have won, then they are lying :) Wolves do not sit down to a dinner of salad with the sheep. They have been hoping that they will get the material that they need and they are getting edgy. They see the complete and utter enslavement of the entire human race in their grasp and it is upsetting them that the project is not getting done. They need to sacrifice a few lambs to keep their hunger in check while they are waiting. They figure that no one will be able to oppose them once they have the precious and so it may be. I wondered why Bushy would have been so sloppy as to fake a war to keep himself in office and I think he expected things to get done during his administration. The only possibility of being in the center of this power is to install a puppet now. As long as the puppet doesn't figure out where he is keeping the magic ring!


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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