Meet the aliens

I think that my previous interpretation is reasonable, assuming a few of the people can develop new physics and leave before earth self destructs. It would be a condition of no life or very little life that would be common to encounter as well as extremely advanced cultures in various stages of transition to what I can't even imagine. It would be a real challenge to try and live where there was no life to pave the way and people might begin to miss the mosquitoes and viruses. On a cosmic time scale, the stretch of human intelligence and technology is about a butterfly's fart.

A lot of science fiction surrounds the emotional interaction of people. I am sure that this is not going to be the existential state of life in even a hundred thousand years.

It may be all that a few people can do is to save themselves. It is a shame that the technology for space and expansion is forced into rockets to kill those who could be free in space. It is basically the fact that the vampires will never 'let' you go, you must find your own way out of an upside down calculated 1134.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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