Net bots and bots

I was planning to have an interface to game server where individuals could use the interface to compete at making nano machines and chemicals at the atomic level. I wonder if a game that builds things can compete with a game that is designed to destroy things. It is more interesting in a game to destroy than create. It has been considered that the massive amount of random action in games could be used to a purpose and provide an interesting free game at the same time.

My problem is that the activity of hunting down and killing things is not a good fit for conversion to construction. Perhaps I could make an interface that is a hunter killer in a nano interface to a body which has an invading organism. Once the methods of hunting are established they can be converted to a bot sequence. That may be a good model for the process. A person plays a game against invading aliens ( which are presented in any way I want ) and the positions and information of the alien is a tag molecule in the body.

Considering that people are used as tokens in a game of power and then discarded when they are no longer useful, it seems no less moral than manipulating a person to vote for a candidate that simply uses the power for the gain of an elite self proclaimed aristocracy. It seems an improper thing to use the same techniques with a better action to product ratio, but if people are just tools anyway, what is the difference if they are tools for a self proclaimed god or a machine to understand and prolong life. It would benefit those who play as it would be wise to keep the players alive to continue the process.

It seems it would be better to use people in a way that they are currently used for a better purpose that profits them.

It certainly could be worse than this if people are made useless by technology in the form of robots and thinking computers. I don't think that a nano second would go by after it was possible before the bots were turned to kill the people that the elite use as tissue paper.

It is always a nasty game to play when first you practice to enslave others, no matter what the methods that you use. It is a self delusion that kills others and seems very much like a computer virus that does a DDoS by consuming every ounce of bandwidth. A greedy algorithm, which is what I am studying in terms of solution methods at the moment. (more heuristics)

I understand the idea of the different algorithms, but I seem to get a better grasp each time I review the literature. I think it is not possible for me to integrate the information all at once. It takes time for the TSP like network to resolve to a state where I can refine the understanding by going over the information again. It surprises me that I can be one step ahead of the methods now and predict what is the best way to apply the tools. I have done this before in manufacturing process, but there are techniques that others have developed that have a great deal of value also.

I think that all the information that I am trying to integrate is becoming coherent. Once it becomes coherent as a model with the tools that I use, then I can project to solutions for the things that interest me.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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