The idea of infinity is interesting as it is not a number. When it is applied to mathematics it is recognized as such, but it has more to do with repetition than actuality. The idea that there is some moral absolute is very much like this, how is it that a creature with so few skills as I have could develop the absolute perfect method for life itself. The idea is truly baseless and and shows more of the character of the organism than any rationality. Reasoning from false basics leads to false conclusions and a lot of random crap in between. I am not sure what advantage might be favored in survival by a person who considers themselves a perfect organism. I think it stems for the basic concept of I am good and you are bad, because you are not me. So I am a creature from the one true god of the aliens and it is more powerful than your gods.

What this actually translates to in terms of the people who use this for governing, is that they have decided that they are gods themselves. I would bet that this derives from some point in history and has to do with the mirror neuron complex. If I can imagine ( mirror ) a situation, then it can influence the reality I perceive. The complex process that is life comes from some very simple neural structures. The idea that self image ( mirror ) has a token positive neural influence ( endorphins ) then it would be natural for a delusion to develop. It is a pathway that exists because of a location that is too close to another path. If I have a 3D system of connections and I have an active positive I can create a bread crumb trail ( protein path ) to pencil a possibility ( short term ) , and if it seems to be the best after time then I can ink ( sleep ) it. It has similar properties as solutions to TSP. It is very possible that the algorithm is not the best that can be produced, but it does arise naturally as a valley.

The end result of this is the fact that some will 'decide' by bad logic that everything is shit except themselves. It is not hard to see that having a bunch of creatures who think they are god and others shit, would be in for a lot of conflict. I would have to guess that perhaps the race itself is a freak mutation that eats it's own tail and this works quite well in the short term. Nature is a long game player and even if a person can delude themselves to thinking they are gods or sons of gods, they have to fail because the delusion they create for their own joy is a veil upon reality.

The neural feedback that exists would seem to fit the pattern of a dominant with a counter recessive blooming. By that I mean that it is a good method until you face greater complexity, then it breaks down completely. It requires a combination SNP and that is rising in percentages. That is nature itself, I am a chain in a process and I am not a stupid god that cannot create myself.

Why hasn't anybody ever used nuclear weapons since their creation? That seems very odd and it seems to imply something about international process that is conspiratorial. The question is who is the controller and who the dupe?



Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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