Natural morality

I understand something about natural morality that develops and how it changes when there is a central government to modify that. Tinkering with people's minds is a dangerous and unpredictable thing. It is possible to convince a person of almost anything if you have enough access to their mind. In a system where morality is legislated, the natural morality that develops between people is eroded and replaced with nothingness it seems.

I can't quantify or define the effect as it is so complex, but is very obvious that there is something very wrong about programming people's mind to respond to a central authority. It seems to push people to operate with their basest instincts. The constant reinforcement of a 'standard' ( flag ) leads to two separate conflicting actions in the mind and as a result there is mental death by stages. I understand how this is done and if I were to propose a machine that did this, it would be considered the most evil tool ever created in the history of all humanity. It has become common practice for governments to instill this nationalistic mind hack at birth.

The corrupted mind is virtually dead. A zombie is not a person in the usual sense. The more I understand and reject the programming, the more I can understand of the world. The principles are very simple at their core and are simple habit reinforcement. The biggest problem arises from the secondary effects. It is like infecting a computer with a slightly different instruction set. You can hit the highlights and achieve control by subverting the base process, however when you use aspects of the system which are unique the response is virtually random.

There is no more disgusting thing in the world than a person who would use other people's minds as a toy for their amusement. It corrupts the very nature of existence and life.

The shadows of the approaching night are getting longer and I wonder if there is any fiction I have seen or read that is this scary. When you start inserting your own instructions at random in a neural array, you are going to get some really odd results and the sad part is that the mind is one place where even bad ideas become physical reality and repeated action.

Social morality between individuals has reached a low that has not been seen since the dark ages. I suspect that this is where we are headed. How simple, hide the technology in stages and build deep bunkers to keep the secrets and then simply erase peoples memory ( in generations ) of the technology by ordering that technology not be discussed or taught. The children will never know that it even existed and a few will hide it like magic in the caves to make themselves like gods, which is after all what the madness of power is all about.

I suppose you could just store the technology for your use and power, then get in your bunker and destroy the face of the earth and this would effectively erase the knowledge of the power that you hide.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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