It seems that it is not just technology that is reaching a singularity. It is a real zoo when things get disrupted. I don't think that people who have property and power find it interesting to see that their positions may be impossible to maintain. It is not ever a consideration for some. It is like a hostage situation. What people see as entitlement is going to be defended to death. The outcome may be inevitable, but this does not change what will be done. There is no rationality involved in the security and comfort of the people of power. The process involved in WWII was the decapitation of nations when they were invaded. I can almost smell the fear of artificial nobility.

The fact that I would see the right of individuals in this country to be free of unreasonable search and seizure gone is as odd as having a Dick Tracy wrist radio. How detached does the government have to be to do something like this? There is obviously more going on than is obvious. I can see it in the face of our representative here in the state of Iowa, USA. He was on TV and there was an uneasiness that reminded me of the many times that I have been a member of a company that was going to close down a division. The management developed a certain look that was a mixture of fear of rats leaving a sinking ship and the loss of position that would make them prey to their peers.

There is definitely something looming large in the near future and I simply have to guess, but direction of the scurrying rats is a big key to where the fire is burning. There are some very odd things that seem to be irrational and strongly supported, there must be more to it than what is visible.

I am guessing the US is just about to make a very stupid and fatal blunder for this world. I have sat in many board meetings and there is an air of people like in a poker game, 'tells'. Somebody is going to go all in and be shocked to death when they get called.

I guess the reason I am so upset is that I cannot even comprehend the decision to violate the separation of power and destroy privacy in such a land slide vote.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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