Natural morality

When I create a system of math and apply it to the universe I am not creating the universe and no matter how I play with the math or love it or sex it up, it will still be a construct delusion that is at odds with the universe until it perfectly tailors itself to the universe and that is never. Morality is this way too. I can say that anything is the gooder good thing to do, but in the end I live in the universe and I cannot enforce nature to follow the law of the holy roman empire or the laws of King Richard. Religion is a thinly veiled excuse to have a government of people by the arbitrarily established principles of another for their gain.

The supreme alien consortium of the Milky Way Galaxy spoke to me in a dream and they said that if you do not follow my orders you will be tortured for one billion years and I think you better listen, they are deadly serious.

Natural morality is not some evil law of the survival of the most monstrous and in fact it is very often kind and sometimes cruel. If you watch what an elephant herd or herds of horses then you will see that they generally care for each other and some times make horrible choices, but they never decide to kill each other for the fun of it or because they want all the hay to themselves so everybody else dies.

Natural morality tends to establish boundaries between the needs of individuals and the world. To say that people must breed to vast numbers and then kill each other to re-stabilize is to give the mind no credit whatsoever. Are we simply natural automatons that drool when food is exposed and simulate copulation each time we see a member of the opposite sex naked? How poor an opinion of self people must have to allow somebody else to decide what is natural and reasonable for their own existence. Perhaps people are drooling pseudo-living corpses if left to their own devices and free of enforced morality, IDK . I think that having observed some of the tribes that herd and live with the reindeer, I would say that we could do just fine without any idol to enforce that which comes naturally to most.

On a broader and more predictable note, the free and open investigation of science and vast amount of data available to any individual allows for the development of things which are outside the possibility of governments to create and control. The very nature of the beast is that it is cumbersome, slow and un-reactive. It is like a dinosaur lumbering through the trees enforcing terror or the people it feeds upon. It cannot react at light speed and it cannot simply identify a solution and implement it immediately. The principle of individual action against a composite force seems to have been lost somewhere between the revolutionary war and now. It is not possible for a government to stand against individuals unless they are subjected to absolute and individual control through complete subjugation. This leads to a country of paupers and slaves and destroys the inherent creativity and talent. The country that consumes it's people will die.

No matter how much the governments claim that they can legislate any common morality or order they are wrong. It is possible to do that for a while and in a limited scope, but they always eventually get the mule and then the sh*t hits the fan.

One of the common themes in science fiction and in literature is the great hero that comes from seeming nowhere to right the wrongs of the evil tyrants, or society gone wrong, or external threat. Perhaps this is just an indicator of the silent scream that comes from the heart of the people bound in a system that consumes them.

Dilbert is an interesting cartoon and I wonder if there is some truth to the fact that we can be bound in a system of slavery to people who haven't a single clue as to what they are doing, we just never question or force them to be evaluated as managers of society. They operate by mechanical force and in some ways are an entirely different science than most people understand. Political science, hmmmm. I have been in a position as CEO of a company for a while and I don't like it at all. The rules are clear, it is not a matter of reasonable cooperation, it is a matter of never letting the profits flow down the tree to those who produce them.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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