Misuse of materials

Before somebody asks me if I just sit around thinking of ways to kill people, I just think of everything. There is no governor in my skull that directs me to ideas of how to make flower arrangements or nasal sprays.

The only reason I mention this is that of all the ideas that go through my head on an average day, this is one that I think is far too much effort and could be done easier a dozen other ways. To show how these things come to mind I will demonstrate how I end up thinking these things. I was complaining about the fact that the phone company sends EM through my body and does not pay me for the use of my body to transmit their signals. It has been decided that the government will decide the use of my body as a communications medium and if it weren't for the fact that they do not know the physics of the universe as well as I do then it might be okay. They decide how much radiation is too much and that is probably in proportion to the number of contributions to their campaigns. I later saw an article on a crowd control method that the DoD had developed long ago. It used microwaves to screwup peoples skulls and project voices in their head. I happen to be thinking about these two things together and I realized that you have a phone tower with power and they can be used to produce maximums that fry things. You could have a really specific control of this in a 3D grid. I suppose in the future it could be one of those things that the DoD could implement to control people. You get the GPS from their cell phone and then arrange a temporary switch of frequency and temporal maximum to center on the point of the person having independent thought. The dual problem is that the DoD might actually do this, however some nut could do it long before they are even aware that such a possibility exists. The problem is not that there are nuts in the world, the problem is that a lot of them are our fearless leaders.

Security by ignoring the problem. Getting billions to fund homeland security. We will fill 95 of the 100 holes in the dike and thus it will not leak. Wait mister!!, if there is one hole then that is where the water will go! We can't fill that hole and so we don't pay any attention to it. Sleep, sleep, sleep, forget, forget,forget , don't think too much or it will hurt your head. Look a pervert!, chase them! Look a stick! I'm throwing it :) , get it boy.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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