SuperTuxKart Universe II

There were some updates to 0.5 of the STK and I have been playing with them a little bit and looking at various other open products to see what useful things can be gleaned from their methods to apply to something which can be generally useful and promotes personal understanding and freedom. It is obvious that the idea of FOSS leads to situations that places it in direct contrast to the system of economic imperialism. The concept of generalized individual gain for a few does have some advantages in it's implementation when a system is less complex. When a system becomes as complex as the world is today, it is not possible for an individual or group of individuals to maintain and advantage if they siphon resources from their methods. There must be a physical advantage to the concept of centralized control of action.

The greatest disadvantage of centralized and remote control is that it is easily disrupted and abused. If I need only flip one switch and place the nation in darkness then it is a bad system and likely to fail and harm those that are a part of it.

Centralized control of power leads to a continuous growth and collapse that is evidenced in history. The more centralized the power becomes, the more likely it to be subverted. If I have one person who decides whether all live or die, then if they go bonkers, we all die. If I put all my kaboodle in one sack it is easier to guard and easier to steal.

The principle of consolidation of power is a pyramid scheme and it works well in the growth phase and collapses in the end phase and crushes everybody except those who create it.

I find it odd that there is such a sure knowledge of the seconds of the big bang and the one place that some real value could be achieved in modeling a process is left to some voodoo curse that favors the people who like to play pyramid games with peoples greed.

I find it ironic that there is a pyramid on the money. I think it was a little joke and the people who put it there knew that power was a pyramid scheme and even if people see it is true they keep buying the smart pills made of horse poop because it make them smarter. When there was a vast continent to be plundered and slaves to be used, the pyramid scheme was effective because it was growing. Now that we are in the collapsing phase of the scheme like the housing bubble, the empty shell of the economy that has been sucked dry of life will collapse on humanity and they will build a new pyramid from their own ashes.

All hail , Count Dracul, Vlad the Impaler, the dark lord Dracula!

You wonder why the vampire is so strong and it is because most people do not resist the initial bite that makes them slaves to the dark lord.

Once the vampire has sucked the life out of the planet it enters the end phase of the infestation where the vampires fight to see which blood sucking demon will be the last to survive.

Oh sorry, that is a game I am considering designing and it's similarities to life are purely coincidental. I think I will have a special bonus section with Bill Gates as the smiling impish vampire ( with two faces, and the back of his head is the real face that you can uncover by solving the riddles ) that lures people with the phrase, "Come taste their blood it will make you immortal".And giant shark lawyers that throw reams of paper to kill the mortals with the death of a thousand paper cuts.

Selection of immediate gain over delayed gratification is the curse of the chicken. It is sad that people are given such powerful tools and they fall hypnotized to the swirling chaos.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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