Morality and mirror world

I think that I may generally understand the model of a process that accounts for the morality and language associations which are inherent in an individual beyond the learned language.

A mammal must have an internal world view which is defines the relationships of objects or entities in their concept space.

The basic structure of the associative network defines what is possible in determining a person's relationship to the universe. Independent of the skill or complexity, the same basic principles are present. In the study of other species I have heard this language and observed the process that is involved. Obviously, animals do communicate with other animals by a number of sounds. It is possible to identify a unique individual by their smell, sound, or appearance.

Animals establish a 'morality' for their own cultures by these complex associations. It would be natural to associate those characteristics which are common to self to be an extension of self. By having a system internally that does not represent actual self, but self in context then the actions of the 'individual' become measured in the context of their world.

It seems from the model itself that it is possible to misuse this internal compass and that it is also possible to create situations that control this model process. It is in fact a real potential that I could create a generalized model of this associative complex and see the same responses based on various un-natural stress conditions. I don't have the computer algorithm yet and I am simply using my inherent modeling process that I use to design analog circuits to imagine various conditions in a simple neural array and consider the modeled consequence.

By simple observation of a family of squirrels it is obvious that they are 'speaking' to each other. The language they use is natural to them and the communication is not limited to sounds. I can imagine a circuit which would mimic this process and it would also exhibit many of the attributes that are considered to be constructed social process. It seems to support my opinion that morality is inherent in the character itself and that it can be manipulated and misused. Clearly the idea that there is a single global morality standard is absurd. The creation and establishment of a common morality in culture or religion is no more than miss-application of the inherent morality to a new object.

The socially evolved concept of nobility and the classing of people has helped to create an artificial manipulation of the inherent social structure of individuals.

This very informational to me as it explains why there is such a large disagreement between individuals about something that considered to be an absolute. A person is born with a morality inherent to their structure and that system is not completely the same between different cultures. That is astounding. I am thinking of Star Trek and some of the episodes where they have aliens meeting and the conflicts that develop from cultural differences. How silly that it has not been realized that along with a difference language and appearance, that there is a degree of difference in social interpretation of the exact same event.

I need to create a flexible model of this relationship so that it might be possible to identify the real intent of a person's statements or actions in their context. What I mean is the ability to see the underlying language of the speaker and what the social and physical reality is. No wonder there is so much conflict in the world, everybody is using a different model computer with it's own machine code and nobody has ever thought to create a "UNIX" or portable language that can be used between to promote understanding.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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