Existential suicide

If I chose to accept the moral authority of another person and it is not possible for them to be who they claim they are, ( god and/or omniscient ) have I committed existential suicide?

George Bush in the jury room. Evidence: "they have weapons of mass destruction which they created in secret and they have used them to kill members of a specific race they were in conflict with." George: "I don't need to hear any more." ( Pulls lever and gas is released , he chokes and wonders what is going on. Being such a genius, he fails to catch on that he has sentenced himself to the fate he wishes for others.)

He should have listened to the whole sentence. "The United States developed nuclear weapons in secret during WWII and used them on a ethnic minority state to kill hundreds of thousands of people.

Oops, 'my bad' for phrasing the question wrong.

Information isn't dangerous in the hands of a tyrant. Is that the end of the question?

It gets very confusing when every person on the planet claims to be god.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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