Mor Morality

I can see from this model that there is no inherent 'bad seed' in the genome. The process is a complex of perhaps 20 dimensions and would be very complex. I would be possible to apply a world view to a child that disconnected them from the society as a whole and therefore the world itself to cause them to be completely self directed. I can also see that biochemical and physical developmental process does cause an effect to this matrix. It is not possible to have a genomic effect that could generate the structure of a sociopath. The society itself and the situation of the world creates the problem. A basic misunderstanding of the process itself and the egocentric application to life is a unnecessary chaotic detractor to the process.

It confirms my understanding of the things that I observe. It is easy enough for a person to create enough stress in another person that they will become destructive. By using people as a weapon, I can create a situation where under 'law' I cannot be held responsible for acts which I create simply because the process itself is not understood.

An example: The access to a child from birth and their training to become a human bomb can lead to great violence, however the child is not creating this evil or the adult that comes from this child has been reprogrammed to the intent of their programmer.

I can see that the very process of government and structure is simply a chaotic attractor which fosters violence. I think that I could create a 'mind virus' proof of concept that would allow me to select a general objective and alter the consciousness ( re-program ) people to move toward that objective. People do not have the tools or 'mental virus protection' to stop this. The tools of skepticism and understanding of society are not taught because the governments and companies and religions are using this fact to promote their self interest.

I see parallels between open source and this fact. The tool to use people and extract information and control their behavior is built into the idea of Microsoft's intent. It is a framework for abuse. The power of the world and nations is dependent on the abuse of this weakness ( from their perspective ) of mind. The very thing ( empathy ) that could bind people as a world culture is being manipulated to control. 1984 is already here and has been for about 7,000 years.

If you think that this is not happening, you are really well programmed. There is no point to demonstrate the effect in population for the sake of argument. It is not possible for a person to make an independent determination when I have reprogrammed them.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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