Moral high ground?

I discovered another space exploration technique today and I am always surprised when I evaluate a good concept. It seems so obvious after the fact and I like to analyze why I didn't find the answer sooner. Usually it comes from "thinking in the box". Trying to find solutions in a system of what is known well and extending the existing techniques. I don't know whether I will ever be able to define morality in any absolute sense, but I do know that I am not giving the wolf a machine gun.

I watched a show on the history of fireworks and it was enlightening in many ways. The foundations of rocket science are said to originate there and it is many thousand years old. I discovered in 1997 that there was a basic failure in the methods that they use and today I discovered yet another. I would share that information, but for all the good it might do, it would certainly do a great deal more evil from my standpoint. If I gave the government of any nation the techniques to dominate space, would they apply that advantage to further life in general? The answer from history is no. I can't be sure that they would simply use the technology for personal gain and power, but it is a safe bet I think.

I am sure that this will disturb a lot of people and I am going to say it anyway. Who is good among the dead? I have cousins in the military and it saddens me when they are injured or killed. It also saddens me when anyone is killed. The parading of the lives of those killed does not include the children and families that were killed for no apparent reason in Iraq. There is a difference between a war fought with volunteers in a foreign land and one that is on your own land. Obviously when you go to somebody else's house to invade, the children are likely to be at home.

It is not enough to say 'oops, my bad' and dismiss the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The US needs to accept responsibility and clean it's house or continue on this path to the next 'oops'. The madness seems to imply that those who are crushed and unable to defend themselves within a nation are equally as guilty as those of privilege who most certainly have moved their children to a safe place to avoid the fight.

There is no fairness in war, I am sure of that.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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