The foundations of morality

If a jury of the top officials was convened to decide the fate of a prisoner at Gitmo and was not informed that in fact they were deciding their own fate. Actions which they took would be sanitized as to the source and they would be given the ability to pull the lever which filled the jury room with gas if they felt that the deeds warranted the death penalty.

A basic conclusion subject to some modification, I have developed the understanding that a government cannot be moral by the very nature of the process itself. Atoms have no moral property. Morality and selection in the universe are based on the laws of the universe. If I define any action to be more or less moral in an absolute sense then I have placed my self in direct conflict with the laws of the universe ( and as god ). Such that the universe is fair, then the world will be fair.

The concept of legislating that I not accidentally develop a weapon that is superior to yours and then legislating that once I have this advantage, I will be compelled to act exactly as is requested. It is also legislated that you will never become smarter and have more understanding of the nature of morality as that would undermine the laws we have created and if they are based on antiquated data and are no longer valid then you must not think about the fact that they are incorrect. You may not express information which is in conflict with our opinions because we have passed a law that states we are correct in the process of passing laws and are therefore perfectly moral and the final representation of all good in the universe.

The idea of law and government implies that there is one moral standard. If they represent this absolute moral standard, then they can precisely define it in methods that shall be applied to the members of the government as well, by a super intelligent robot policeman. I have the robot and it is awaiting your orders. All laws are applied independent of any specific physical form. Laws that apply to one, apply to all. The fact that you have a white shirt or a big belly or a crew cut or served in the Spanish Inquisition are irrelevant. It is the definition of the physical act which is precluded that you must supply. Such actions will be stopped in process and not allowed to take effect in the physical universe. The only law that is inherent in the system is that you will never be allowed to understand the methods of the robot and this will always be hidden when discovered.

In a serious thought, I think that if a person were required to judge others in a way that they were not aware of who was being judged. A kind of truly blind justice. I could hear the facts surrounding a matter and then make my judgment that they be hanged, only to find out that the case before the court was me.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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