Equality and fairness

I wonder if there is a real definition of something like fairness. I happened on an article about the Bose Einstein Condensate and I am going to study the state today. The balance of labor or effort is not evenly distributed in a fair system. I carry my children when they are tired. If I insisted that everyone carried even weight, I would tell them to analyze the (BEC) and give me the results. Not so sadly, I am required to do the lifting and the research. Fairness is fluid and unfairness is monolithic in it's application. The doctrine of unfairness would simply assume that all is mine, and none is for all.

The Dilbert blog has some interesting reading quite often. I don't ever seem to get a good resolution of what is absolutely moral or fair. Perhaps it is because the system is so complex and depends more on my direction and intent in context , than any real landmark.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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