It is real and repeatable science

It is obvious that this is absolutely true. People should be afraid, 'very afraid'. I don't know that this helps but it is true. It scares me. I see that I can characterize this model to create a very precise and targeted method that usurps the human mind that fails to understand the principles involved. The very same techniques used in computers have virtual parallels in mental manipulation. Confusion, fear, hate, desire, false authority, isolation. It is definitely a scary concept that strikes at the very heart of a person's identity and existential being.

The techniques that were used in the past pale in comparison to this process. I know that advertising and propaganda and other mind techniques are simple tools that work in general. If it is possible to identify a model that is complete, it would be possible to do exactly as I said. I could decide what I want and create a distributed mental virus that would become my cluster to apply in any way I wished. I could supersede the internal choice of mind to subvert it to the position of simple computable element as an extension of my influence.

The nature of the new computer viruses is very complex but it does operate in an ever more complex system that is becoming more like the process of mind. The techniques in general revolve around the ability to supplant the intent of the machine with a new process and retain that process. I think I see why the governments will eventually require that people have chips implanted in their heads at birth. It is because they cannot depend on these techniques of control they have used in the past when people crack wise.

What happens in the next few years may determine whether humanity becomes a slave race or a human culture.

Very scary stuff.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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