Mind matters

This article at Mind Hacks is very on the point I think. It is the fact that people make decisions on emotional basis and then justify them to be rational that is the key to mental manipulation that is so prevalent. I find it odd that there is ample evidence and discussion of the fact that people are simply manipulated into choosing one x over y and they still do not find it something to avoid. I had a discussion with somebody and I was shocked to have them say that they would accept a mind implant that controlled their every action.

I find this to be rather odd. If people accept that they are being controlled and do not mind, why should I not use them to take a different and more rational approach to life. It would seem that mind hacking somebody to do something rational and within their own self interest would create less mental dissonance than making them buy Crest toothpaste with *new* *new* baking soda.

Have people simply given up he choice of their own fate because they cannot find a valid solution?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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