The holy dark

Just so people understand why I accept that neural implants are possible and already exist. I have a bad habit of going where I am not supposed to go and observing things so that I can interpolate what is taking place. I observed research in to the core technology of brain control through electrical implants in 1968. That is 40 years ago. Scientists at Stanford have already grown human neural stem cells in a mouse's brain. The process of neural control centers around the same methods as addiction. The addict as I have observed them are incapable of complex thought during the time of their search for the habit forming drug. It makes them easy prey to manipulation and this is in fact what happens. I have observed many addicts and that is another of those risky behaviors that I was formerly involved with simply to understand what mechanisms were at work. In the process I discovered some other very disturbing things about associated individuals.

Certain things I have observed I cannot repeat. I am very good at understanding systems as a whole and I do know that there is more going on than meets the eye. Users will cause other people to become users in practice. It is an odd side effect I guess and has nothing to do with mind control, it is just a natural reaction to draw others into the same position that they are in. I read in a story about Ringworld that the main character was addicted to the 'wire' which was a neural implant that triggered the pleasure center. That was part of the research that I observed in the 60's. It is no secret anymore that the military fiddled with LSD and various other technologies and still do.

There is also the issue of mind control without any mechanism whatsoever. I have done this myself when I was younger and it gives me a very bad feeling and so I don't do it, even though it is the easiest way to make money. There is always a noob. The techniques of effective mind control as a self replicating mechanism is much easier than people would expect from normal society. I wonder who buys all that heroine that is made in Afghanistan?

I do not think that any person could possibly resist the 'wire' once they were addicted and if they could not control it, then whoever held the battery would determine what they would think do and say, independent of their mental abilities. I have also seen experiments with rats and they will zap themselves to death if they are allowed to control the wire.

In a world that becomes uncertain for those who live by controlling others, they really have only one final option to maintain that control if they can't deal with the constantly changing technology. The massive response to copyright issues and net control is one of those things. The two options are imprisoning technologists or implanting people as a whole. The government and the world is dependent on technology and now that we are on that road it is obvious that somebody should have done some better planning for how to manage what has become a virtual chaos of invention.

I can name at least thirty very bad dark sides to genetics just off the top of my head. I have done vectors and cloning and PCR and I can do it with very little in the way of investment. The dark side is right there to be seen and I won't spell that out today. I have a skill of seeing the immediate use of technologies once I become familiar with them. The greatest new technologies I see in the future are based on an open source system to model the cell process which can be extended to include a personal interest of mine and gravity or neutral matter technology.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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