Let the surgeon do the heart change thing

I have been stunned to the bone before by people in companies and the military when they come to me with problems. I don't know the specifics of the SF fiber network case, but on the surface it looks like a position that I could end up in. When you become the guru of a system, you tend to develop a disrespect for people around you who don't take the time to understand the complexity of what you do. I have had a person come up to me at a company and say that they had erased the boot sector of the network server and they wondered if I knew why it wouldn't boot anymore. I fixed it within an hour, but they would never have restored the server, in fact I imagine they would have destroyed the entire system before they were through and I have also seen that happen.

On one occasion I got to a facility and after examining the problem which was "it wouldn't start", I discovered that they had mis matched cards in bus slots and burned up the entire system. I had to inform them that it was going to cost them $100,000 and take three months for the plant to come back on line. I was so stunned by what had been done I was speechless. I couldn't even utter a WTF.

I probably would have had the same reaction if I was a surgeon and a nurse came up to me and said they had removed the bad heart from a patient and "where do we keep the spares?".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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