Manchurian Candidate

This article at Wired Danger Room seems to coincide with what I was thinking. It takes a while for things to sink in and even the best of ideas can be obviously flawed upon a little reflection.

Follow me a bit on this logic. (1) The government did experiments on how to control minds. (2) People in the government have minds and are people. (3) When was there a difference between people and people.
This is about as absurd as the Nazis and the master race. I am left of right and that makes me one of the elite. The real issue is the ones who will stomp on you for their own benefit and those who prefer to be rational.

The recent thoughts I had about mind control viruses and other related issues makes it clear that if a person has a history of doing a certain thing, then they are more likely to continue doing it. So the governments of the world are the most vicious and unrepentant criminals on the face of the earth as they continue to do weird shit and then burn the records of it.

The odd part is that there is no difference between one person and another that occurs when you put a label of government on them. What exactly is the mark that they bear which could not be removed? I could take a civil service job tomorrow and thus I would become government. The answer is that it is an organization beyond the law. It is the equivalent of mafia. Who allows a group of people who have tortured drugged and poisoned others for virtually no reason to continue being their respected council? You don't do that unless it is not a decision at all, but a force.

It's not goofy or funny anymore. The DoD has experimented with the exact same thing I am speaking about in physical mind viruses. They know as well as I do that it is possible. This leads to a very odd situation.

If a person can make a device that is the size of a human cell and use it to replace the mind of a creature with the model of it's own mind, what is the consequence of the existence of such a thing. Sure there is roofies, LSD, oxytocin, EM, and suite of other horrible things that can be used, but none is as insidious as this. It seems the perfect tool for megalomania at first glance. I think that people in government and the title they get is because they don't actually do anything except manipulate others to do what they think is right. The problem with this technique is that it creates a situation which is absolutely opposite of the one that they desire. A user wants people to use. If everybody were like them, then everybody would die because they would never do anything, they would just spend all their time figuring out how to make somebody else do it for them.

There was a Twilight Zone about this and a person wished everybody to be like him and what he found out is that he hated himself as another person more than others. On top of that he had no way to blame them for his problems.

If you are a brutal torturer who has no sense of reason or scientific ability, would you chose to populate the world with clones of yourself? It is an interesting question. It is a question that is no longer speculation. Clone wars has been an on and off theme in sci-fi. It is based on the possibility that the technology could be controlled to produce a consistent result. Super soldiers cloned to serve the emperor.

People have been thinking that clones will not be possible for some time in the future, and in fact the primary method of cloning the key elements is already possible. There is an experiment being done as we speak by a major university to take human neural stem cells and see if they can create a human mind in a rat.

It isn't science fiction, it is real and now.

So, what happens next? That is what I consider and in some ways I am Twilight Zone itself. The concept is to project the possibilities and consider the consequence of actions before they are chosen. I am going to consider this a little more and just like nuclear weapons, I am afraid that this is a cat out of the bag now and they never seem to return to the bag. Pandora is certainly LHFAO today.

If this stuff is being used in labs without any control of it's accidental dispersion then it could be on the loose already. It is a strange attractor that is outside of the normal probabilities of natural evolution, but not human manipulation. We run this risk every time we modify nature and this is the quickest way to fiddle with a strange attractor that is the most powerful force in the universe.

I don't find any humor whatsoever in this particular scenario. It strikes at the very heart of the ability to even respond or manage. It is almost like a blob that could eat humanity and sit around as a curse in things for millions or billions of years. I think I understand one more thing now and it makes sense in context. I am seeing more of what happens next and I must like to scare myself. Please don't hesitate to put your blindfolds on and reinforce your tin hat. I will be doing that while I think some more. I sometimes wish I had a censor in my head that was infinitely smarter than I am. I doubt if many noticed that I did an illegal type conversion there, along with all the other shadow dancing.

I thought it couldn't be funny but Pandora told me a joke and I did laugh. Guy goes into the doctor's office and has Alzheimer's. The doctor has a new treatment that regrows the brain cells from his own tissues which are converted to brain stem cells. The nurse makes a mistake and uses the cells from a patient that died from malpractice. The cloned mind realizes what happened and sues the doctor twice!


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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