Looking away doesn't help to avoid the tiger

We have really stepped into it now. It is like being transported into an episode of Star Trek and discovering it is real. I thought is was silly to have a life form on a planet that lived in receptacles and used the minds of the crew of Trek to live again. Like the Dick Tracy wrist radio, I was fooled again. The science seems to have a life of it's own. It can only get more confusing and I don't think that things work out the way they do in movies.

So if I have somebody's DNA and a chemical lab, I can create a tool to introduce their mind into another body. "Boys from Brazil", here we come. I think this one is such a freakish strange attractor that to even speculate on the potential result is pointless.

There is one other factor in this and I didn't want to even bring it up because I thought is was impossible. I am not so sure now. I have to reevaluate my possibility projections based on fact.

On a separate issue there is a security problem with the internet that will affect everybody including those who think they are spying on the internet in secret. Like Beetlejuice "I have seen the Singularity 100 times and it just keeps getting funnier every time I see it"

You could say that it is not quite that simple and you would be right in that respect. The reason I speculate is because I know a few other things that go into this cake batter that I refuse to incorporate in my public rhetoric because I like to keep a few things to myself just in case some fool decides to test this out.

Scientists tickled the Dragon's tail, even though they had no idea of what it might do. Human nature has not advanced since then.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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