I have studied make and read manuals and created make files that might seem rudimentary to somebody who is expert at the process. I have found that in the use of UNIX and Linux that I am always pleasantly surprised at the utility of Linux.

It is in sharp contrast to programming with MSDos/Windows. I found that the deeper I delved into the structure of the system that the more disturbed I became at the lack of quality and consistence internally. Linux makes me happy as a programmer and because of that I do better work.

I learned a couple new tricks in creating make files today and I always like it because I see that I will be using it to make the process faster and less irritating. It always helps to understand the basics. I spent three months straight on Linux when I first started and then I began to see the difference in what was possible. I will never regret using Linux unless it becomes illegal and punishable by death.

I can see that a casual user would find it irritating and frustrating at times because it does not compromise utility and good design for visual aesthetics. I am sure that there will be applications that are founded in good technique that will be better used in the Linux environment. It is an issue of time to market and others have chosen to destroy the underlying stability to deliver a product for profit.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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