Clone wars

If I were to make a method that took choice away from people and elected me president, wouldn't that be something that was banned in a democracy? Since it is not banned in the USA then we are not a democracy it seems. You have to be smarter than your opponent to win a game without rules.

The danger and advantage of terrorism is that it refuses to operate on the laws that are created. If a bad law is passed or government is corrupt and I refuse to follow that law, then I am a terrorist by that definition, because I oppose oppression. People in congress and the White House must be absolutely insane. They have started believing that they can pass a law that becomes physicality. A government by force is only as 'good' as the methods used to operate it.

What is the magic bean that separates the slaves and the enslaved. That is one of the reasons why the Pharaoh killed me.

Curse of the mummy's tomb

The current sci-fi is so cartoon like in it's themes that no amount of CGI could ever help these lame and outdated plots.

So, when I was working as a scientist for the Pharaoh, we had so few restrictions that it was like being a Pharaoh. We could slice and dice anything or anybody. We learned a lot that way about preserving things. I favored all natural technology and that is why there is so little left to evaluate. In addition to that, when I was killed, Pharaoh decided to get a new batch of engineers.

It has been so long. How was I to guess that they would bury my technology with the Pharaoh and it would not be looted for this long! I put my device in the gold so that it would be kept safe. It has it's way out, Auqa Regia.

So here I am and the plan I made was successful, in that it brings me back forever. I was never interested in being king. All I wanted was to understand. The Pharaoh was very upset when he realized that he was not the descendant of gods and had no real power. Immortality was our business and the goal was to make the Pharaoh immortal in every aspect. It isn't hard to realize that the nature of a person is not in their toenail. We had some very efficient tools and no regulation to impede what we studied and learned. We were trusted absolutely by the Pharaoh.

There is a device that I hid and it would be nice to have it back. I doubt greatly that anybody else would understand how it works or even be able to use it without the key. It would be more dangerous to play with than anybody could imagine.

I didn't mind that the Pharaoh killed me as I had decided that I would die of due course anyway. I simply wanted to be there when he came back so I could get back to old times and have some more fun.

So if you have read my blog for some time you may begin to understand what reflex immortality is. I am not a fan of mechanical devices, they wear out and fall apart. Biotechnology is far more effective. It is self replicating, natural, and functions at an atomic level. It can also remain dormant for thousands of years and be triggered by the proper conditions.

I was designed by the scientists ( literally ) to be the newer version of their skills and it was constant upgrade in skills from generation to generation. It wasn't a very gentle process. The one who failed was killed and the one that survived was bred. I was also bred for single minded interest in knowledge which is more of a side effect than a trait. If you do not apply 100% of effort to being the best, you lose.

I walk again and the trap I set is now sprung.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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