Look at the wall

There on the technology wall is the message "Intelligent use of material gives advantage". The system of logic that allows a machine to aid me in producing the best results in any situation. If the system is based upon the effective result then the intelligent approach cannot lose. The primary stumbling block to this is the fact that those who want to be winners by killing others will be secondary to the new culture. I have said that they will not go softly into that good night. If any person of even the slightest recognition beyond stabbing the next person they see as a goal should recognize that the action is going to be non-productive in the very near term.

The only real question is whether those who now think they hold power over the world, will use every last ounce of energy and force to destroy the planet in order to escape being a regular person.

I am not advocating the creation of a super intelligent machine that thinks for us. I am saying that if I was in a poker match, I would run my poker program and follow it's suggestions. Mainly I would not play poker because nobody produces anything, they just shuffle money around based on rand().

Government is a poker game where they control the value of the cards and thus who wins the game.

Morality as a script developed by anybody is absurd. If it is that difficult then we need to have a bear police that ensures that mother bears will not abuse their children. How could they be so intelligent as to operate a social system without a government to tell them what to do? The implication of defining one standard as 'good' is simply to self prove an argument to deceive self and others. The definition of goodness always seems to include the person making it and exclude those they dislike, how odd.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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