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My last post was intended to be a random comment, but after some thought, it seems to be the perfect idea. The problem with people being abused is the fact that they can be held in physical and economic isolation. Example: I am a farmer and I have a bumper crop. The corporation says that due to the horrible financial fiasco they created, the must take profit from me to shore up their power base. There are people in the world who are being starved to death to control them. Each of these people are being played to their detriment. There is no less sunshine or any other raw material when the world goes into economic depression. It is the fair distribution of material and technology which is used to control isolated groups. The overlord says that he will kill me if I do not grow Cocaine instead of corn. If a market exists for a product in the world, and someone stands between the buyer and seller to collect a share then they are parasitic when global communication exists. It could be fair. Not democratic or even reasonable, just fair and effective. It makes no sense that I have dozens of things that do not serve me well in my environment and people in other situations have the things I need while needing what I have.

Now I see why governments and corporations do not like the free flow of information. It is definitely an economic model that could work. A person is bound to slavery because they are isolated and forced to take what is offered. If they have a direct connection to a global economy then they can trade to it in a fair way. Decentralized trade. Governments have got to find this idea hideous and completely destructive of the process of physical enslavement of population for their profit. Definitely a good idea and such a composite system would be vastly more powerful than any one government. As a distributed system, there would be no common place that force could be applied by a monarchy to stop it. Very interesting. I will think about this today.

I am liking this, open economy at the individual level is not only economically viable, it is far more efficient. It is definitely worth some serious thought. The horrific aspects of all the madmen that seek to enslave populations for their individual benefit, could be addressed by a single simple economic principle.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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