What is the delta

A psychological technique which will manipulate the minds of a majority of individuals and a physical device that manipulates the minds of a majority of individuals? It seems there could be no moral difference and the problem with using such devices is that it would interfere with the long standing rules that are established for social monarchy. The people who use others would cry foul and say that it is unfair mind hacking and should be banned as it interferes with their all natural manipulation.

So is the 'natural' method of mind hacking more or less moral than the mechanical or electrical hacking. I think they are the same and the only difference is that a person who uses their social skill set to delude others into acting against their own best interest, are worried that they will not win and become a victim of their own social bad behavior.

So it seems just another way of evening the playing table against an attacker and if a person is incapable of killing another or developing such a motive, even for a short period of time, then it would result in a situation which would no longer allow the collective slaughter of individuals for some random mind hacker.

I personally would suffer no loss of function or change in behavior or action if I were physically incapable of directed violence. The only effect that such a broad and common effect could have for me is to preclude all persons with ill intent from harming me. It is very possible to do and the one thing that a person who uses others would NOT want is to be separated from their own malicious intent. If I carried a device which interfered with a 'certain' something of everybody around me, it might be very interesting to observe their changes.

The whole thing seems like a good "Rustler's Rhapsody" thing to do, "if you don't quit shooting people, I will shoot you in the hand".

The goal of government is not to stop violence, but to direct it so that it gains them personally.

So the bottom line is, would you prefer to have a device which allows you to control anybody independent of their mental skills or a method that selects for a person with the most developed natural skill at this? If you can't confuse and manipulate a child then you really have a lack of mind hacking skills, but is this the way we chose to live?

It is just another of those factors which keep people from having any potential whatsoever. We would be commuting to Andromeda galaxy as a human race if it were not for the continuous personal grasp for power over others. It is a social disorder to be incapable of operating as a partner to the others in humanity.


Anonymous said...

Your view on life is very sad and distorted. I believe intense therapy is the solution for you. BTW, stay away from the Sci Fi channel, it's just fiction.

Don't you know that all monopolies started off as "little men", but it is much easier to spin crap in your head and complain about the world then to get out and make it better, isn't it?

Not all government is bad, I wonder how may freedoms you enjoy because of our "mind-contolling" government. The freedom of speech perhaps and your dumb blog.

How we view life depends greatly on the eyes we are viewing them with. I think you are viewing in terms of how you actually see yourself, perhaps you seek to be the all-knowing, all-powerful one and anyone who threatens that is just "evil" in your eyes or you say they are stupid (inferior) or they are trying to control you. Dude, give me a break.

I imagine your lack of wanting to be controlled has left you with quite a well-balanced life. I can only imagine. I bet you have no job, no family who loves you and just in general no respect for anyone, or anything. I can ony imagine religion or respect of something that may be greater than yourself is out of the question.

I will pray for you my friend, you need it.

Paul Mohr said...

I would remove the comment as a troll, but I get so few comments that it is nice to know that I at least irritate somebody.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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