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I have been watching the initial attempts to account for a wide variety of diseases, personality, physical traits, tendencies and aspects of the human form that can be derived from genetics. The idea of genetic engineering to promote specific properties is so old that it predates recorded history. The domestication of animals or breeding for specific traits and removing others is the corner stone of many of the advances in farming and agriculture. Killing the species which are dangerous and breeding those that are profitable.

I have heard that wolves can be domesticated in very few generations. There must be a property in the genome which defines the way in which a creature connects to it's group. Ants inherently recognize the other ants of their nest by chemical identity. Creatures can be triggered to simulate mating behavior by pheromones. In fact pheromone sprays are used to control several insects considered to be pests.

The thing that I have come to understand about the universe is that the center of all power is the selection of direction of a vector (+). Within chaos the nature of energy is such that it has no direction. I am sure that others have a different view of what energy is. I consider energy to be one of those items that may show up in equations, like time, but has no real physical reality. The choices of how you measure and calculate determines what you might consider to be fundamental. I think that somehow the scientific community develops something like a prejudice to their selected viewpoint.

I am sure that there are an infinite number of viewpoints that are just as valid from a physical perspective. I guess I personally do not like the idea of slavery and virtual death by the action of another. It is a very basic existential commodity. Perhaps this is the force of life itself. It can be usurped by action or deception. It is never really possible to do some things because of the nature of the universe itself and even though there are inconclusive and indeterminant elements that might affect the outcome of some process then it is just as well that either thing be selected as there is no way to identify the consequence.

A lot of what is happening during this time in history is an issue of scale and not novel perspective. Computation becomes thought and material becomes chaos. Some of what exists now will influence the nature of life for a long time to come. The continuous recombination of science is far more like the Cambrian explosion than I would like to admit. The end result of this explosion may be something that has no resemblance to humanity at all.

Combinatorial expansion is deceptive in it's beginning if you are trying to extrapolate what will happen. 1 2 6 24 120 720 5040 40320 362880 3628800.

My intellectual advantage is not in a great skill but in multiplicity and recombination. I think much like a rain man. It is the difference between a single processor architecture and a multiple processor. The complete fragmentation of thought can lead to a million parallel processes and an ability to count single sticks at once.

I think that the way that science is advancing has finally gotten to the point that I cannot get my mind around the complexity anymore. I cannot predict and if I cannot predict, I can't make a good choice of what is the best consequence of an action. I now understand what most people deal with every day. It is a swirling storm of indeterminance and there is no direction which shows some light that will lead the way to a resolution.

What is about to happen is going to be very weird. If it cannot even be measured in terms what exists now then it is absolutely foreign. I think it is the end of life as we understand it and the beginning of life as we personally will never understand.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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