More fairy tales

There once was a vast herd of sheep terrorized by wolves and they were strong and they were everywhere in every part of the country side. A shepherd mourned that his family was dying because the wolves would feed without mercy and when the sheep were gone would feed on themselves. He decided to domesticate a breed of the wolf to protect the flock. He called it dog. It was a good idea and everyone got a dog when they were born and loved them dearly. He even domesticated a cat that helped them keep mice out of the grain. Eventually all the wolves were ripped to shreds and hid in their bunkers. The dogs and cats became family friends and whenever the wolves might return they will be there.

The lesson for wolves is that the brutality that you express is less of value than intelligent persistence and soon you will be food for personal freedom.

I hear the barking of the first dogs and the wolves are oblivious to the storm that is coming, and I think it will reign mercy on the kind hearted.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen