How to see the truth

I have a bad habit of going where I am not supposed to go when I travel on business. I was warned on several occasions that I should avoid risky habits while traveling for the company. I never listened, but just became more effective at concealing my investigations. I know a lot of prostitutes which I consider in some odd way friends. I do not agree with what they do, but I am not a moralist. If you ask the prostitutes in DC you will find out that the politicians are going for the younger and younger crowd and will pay extra for that. I don't understand why others do not see this in practice. What exactly was happening in the Kennedy compound, and was Marilyn Monroe a high priced government hooker that we pay for. I don't know what makes people ignore the obvious. Was Bill Clinton boinking little girls? Well of course.

I don't find that this is some great moral evil, I just see it as stupid. I am not in the business of funding a person who wants to use children for their pleasure. I am a farmer at heart and I like to tend the fields and eat the corn fresh from the stalk. I don't want to give money to somebody who builds weapons that will never be used and makes waste that cannot be removed once it has poisoned the soil. Farming is a tough business some times and it is really messy. It is the business of life though. Everybody must eat, but a few feel that the best things in life are perversions of the mind itself. They are definitely insane and self deluded, what I don't understand is why they are allowed to take other people's work to support their delusions.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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