Intellectual advantage

I am certain that that everyone recognizes the intellectual advantage that they can have over other life. I would hope that most people that read this realize their advantage over an individual worm. It is the use of mechanical and intellectual advantage to manipulate people that bothers me about the world. It is a fools game and leads to the situation that exists today. Constant war and death everywhere. I could spend my entire life in vain pursuit of the education of people who are being used by others and can't extricate themselves from that box. It is a losing cause as the more you do to protect the weak the more is done to enslave them. I can't possibly create some magical skill that I could give to a child to protect them from predators. It is their position that makes them target for manipulation. It is the same with adults. It is a lack of skill learned or skill applied that leaves them vulnerable to the manipulation by others.

I don't like the application of moral absolutes to any situation and this is one of those cases. It depends on how you view the situation and what rules you use to define a good or bad outcome. I only consider the situation from a mechanical and abstract perspective. The complexity and variability of life leads to the continuance of life in many forms. Selection for dominance in an individual sense leads to an effective individual organism. The process of society requires a certain different process and the immortality of self depends on the immortality of the organism which is humanity.

I some times feel like a fireman seeking to save children from a burning house while the arsonist follows behind me setting each new house ablaze.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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