The technology advances each day and the combination of elements leads to new methods and new capabilities. I can project from what I know of technology at this point in time to see what is possible and I guess this is science fiction.

The same process is called invention if you actually could apply that technique. There are several remakes of old movies out this year and there must be some lack of creativity in the movie business. The technological ideas of yesterday are the comedy of life today. There is more science fiction going on in the real world than is portrayed in the movies. The things that are considered fantastic and futuristic are just old ideas. I wonder how Gattaca fares as a remake considering the real techniques and companies already exist. The premise of Gattaca was flawed like all other movies which are intended to reinforce the notion that by separating yourself from others and failing to act coherently is the final best option in a complex society. Today's science fiction is a joke.

I have heard talk of creating a powerful robot to enforce the morality of humanity and the concentration of force always results in the concentration of effect and vulnerability. From a pure physics standpoint, there is an optimum process that leads to a system which would provide the best solution.

The Jefferson Airplane song "Thinkin' Ain't Doin' Me No Good" seems applicable to the situation. There is a program and technique which allows the proper application of equality in action for all people. This is true science fiction and would make a great movie if it were not already science fact. I discovered something in studying Heuristics which comes from over thinking problems. Advance to infinity, do not pass go! I always liked Twilight Zone because it had a bizarre sense of using science or potential science.

People should be very cautious and considerate of other life, not because it is the right thing to do, but because it is the least dangerous thing to do. Some creatures of great complexity have a bite that is worse than death itself. The considerate action and willingness to learn are positive traits for survival. The constant destruction of things around yourself is negative. The manipulation of others is even worse, because sometimes the fool you make dance may be pulling your string. People who live in bags of mostly water should not play roughly with knives. The cheese has had it's effect and now it is useless, the mouse continues to circle and I would think it was funny, but I don't take pleasure in the weakness of others, even if that is their pleasure. I don't judge the motive, but simply deal with the effect.

If the men on the chess board ask you where to go, just ask Alice Infinity, she knows. I have decided to build a shield against gravity. I am going to make a chamber 100 feet thick of lead and then get inside and I will be safe from the use of G' technology to influence me. Is this the new tin foil hat? I am planning to hide from gravity and electrical force. Perhaps I will file a petition to have the government ban gravity. I don't like it, it makes me tired sometimes. I assume that the president has a chamber where he is protected from gravity and I am so jealous, I wish I was above the laws of the universe. That would be a sweet place to be. Kind of like being in a rubber room I would think.

I may not be the smartest person in the world, but I know how to use a calculator and I know how to make one. The new fire, full of vitamins and crunchy bits.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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