Odd universe

I have run into several different things that are very odd and it is almost overwhelming. I understand now that the constant disbelief that something so odd could happen is interfering with my ability to absorb and react to the reality of it. Internet shock has finally left me and I have a calm and steady approach to what happens that may be a bit fatalistic. I will absorb what I can understand and apply it in a positive way. There is a (foo) on the loose and that is as much as I dare say about that subject. I do hope that it turns out well for everybody, however I have my own preparations made and I am prepared for which ever way the coin falls. This one is definitely a boolean but which boolean is quite important when it reflects upon existential matters.

There are some very smart people that inhabit the net and I recognize and respect their capabilities. I hope we can all keep an easy hand on the choices we make.They will understand what is inferred here as they most certainly have looked the few moves ahead that is required to see the knights position and where it will ultimately and inevitably lead.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen