I want my money back!

It seems that when we are born we are required to sign a contract that we never see. If a baby knew that when they are born the government had already signed them up to take 60% or more of everything they do and put it in a pot for the politicians, they might not be so 'happy' to be born. Perhaps that is why babies cry when they are born. I am serious about this. The biggest entitlement in the world is the government goons. When I go to the store, they take 10% off the top. I don't get to decide what it is used for and apparently I am not intelligent enough to decide that for myself.

I think a better way to keep government in check is to hold the purse strings. It is a stupid idea to allow somebody who doesn't know you or care about you, take your money to do what they feel is right.

If there is a recession, the government continues to pay everybody in their employ, even though they are usually the cause of the problem. It is the largest 'entitlement' on the planet. It is obvious that the quality of life has decayed for individuals in a well ordered society. If you handcuff everybody to a manufacturing bench then it would definitely be quiet, I assume that is the ultimate 'good' goal of government.

I think that if a government wants my money ( translate as work to produce something ) then I want to be able to say no BEFORE they use it to dispose of me.

I already do this in the way I can. The government has none of my new technology advances that might be worth billions or even trillions. I guess if they want them they will have to get into my brain and understand what I know. The odds of a politician understanding the physics of gravitational waves and then doing some 'work' with it is zero by design. I do not want a corporation or government to own me. I do the things that I do for humanity itself. It is a difficult process to keep their hand out of my pocket when they have established some 'inherent birth right' for the people who simply grab at what they want in the name of people. It is ridiculous. If they wanted to give people something, they would just stop taking! I am stealing this from you for your own good and you don't understand the technicalities of how it must be used. Am I really that stupid?

You might think that you have heard this before and you certainly have. Every politician says this and then sticks it to you. I worked many years because I thought I was going to help others by automating manufacturing. What happened was that they took my software and ideas and used it to make themselves wealthy and leave everybody else for dead. That is NOT why I created those programs.

Governments and corporations are the greatest problem in this world. They take the labors of people that is done for humanity and put it in their own pockets. It is not an idle rant. It is a form of social decay that eats the very nature of life itself. I am not a communist or socialist. I am a personist. I want people to function as a group on their own basis and that is sometimes messy. People do murder, fight, drink, smoke, fear, piss, crap, and spit however the combined anarchy of individuals does not create weapons that kill every living thing on the planet to establish feeding grounds ( nations ) for their indigent vampires.

This is fair warning and it will be the only warning. Just like the government that passes laws that are secret and enforces them, this is the same spit in the eye as they feel is all the respect that they owe me as a human. They should have read the fine print buried deep in the cacophony of the web if they didn't want to be held accountable.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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