The essence of the open technology argument is this: If I work my life to find a cure for cancer and I wish that research to help people, then if a corporation takes my life's work to keep people alive based on how much money they pay them, they have stolen the ideas, the work, and my life from it's purpose. I act out of kindness and interest in others as people. The structure of the world is not the way in which it has always operated. It is the delusion that is sold to the populace that they are owned by those with physical power in whatever form it is used.

If you accept their argument, there are two outcomes. Just like the basic laws of physics, there are physical laws of the universe that operate at the biological level. The outcome is total oppression to benefit those who use force and deception, or total collapse to death of everyone. The possibility of the latter is about 100 times more likely. It is possible to have a complex system that benefits everyone in some reasonably fair way without enforcing the process.

The ideas of open source and FOSS are examples of people who can cooperate to areas of common interest as opposed to cooperating for areas of common hate. Which system will produce more product for everyone?, (1) A system where we work to meet common needs, or (2) A system where we work to destroy those who are different in some aspect.

The technique of power is to use hate to gain power. The real object of hate should be those who manipulate our emotions and empathy to their personal gain. It is not hard to recognize such a person, they are the one wearing your skin as a trophy.

The very nature of law itself takes away personal choice and gives it to a common standard which destroys difference. What exact common example of morality and behavior would I enforce if I were the Pharaoh? Of course it would be that all Pharaohs are shit and people are good. Why exactly would a politician pass a law that says politicians are evil? They are self interested and cannot do that.

There is no sense in government as a purpose to kill others. I will lay out the plan so anybody can see how it works. (A) Child killers are evil, let us join to kill them. (B) Next group, until I have gotten to people with different nose are bad. Let's kill them. It is a process of eugenics enforced in stages to kill those who are not considered part of the ruling elite's structure. If I breed a population of slaves and leaders by killing those who fail to comply then what is the result?

If you think that you are not being bred to serve the people who breed to power then you are really bad at seeing the structure of large systems. I shouldn't have done this when I was working for the Pharaoh and now it is a big mess. How does a person NOT get this. I design a drug that cures a disease. A person takes the cure and delivers it to their rich friends who get their wealth in the same way. Who dies? It is simple eugenics cloaked in confusion. It is a system of genetic design from within, it will fail because the people doing the designing are not the most skilled. Get it? If it were possible they would just throw the de'gene'erates in the volcano or have public sacrifices. The design of self is silliness and they do it because they are the product of their own design. Answer me this ( In Twilight Zone fashion), If a population inbreeds to establish a ruling class, wouldn't they eventually be riddled with SNP's and odd recessives? Hmmmmm, bleeding disorders and royalty. That couldn't happen. If you breed a population of sheep and breed yourself to stupidity for enough generations, some random person is going to see the folly and simply walk up to the switch and turn off the power.

I often play at being a sheep to find the wolves so I can follow them to their den. It is like honey pots find the pooh. Once you have identified how they operate and the only way out of the cave, you set up a cap rock to be tripped when they leave to feed. I know where the mosquito's are hiding.

This is my favorite science.

It really is true and I am sorry if you have not done enough work to understand it. I appreciate those who work to benefit everybody because I share the same ethic. Most people may not understand how cunning the wolf can be, but like Buffy the Vampire slayer, it's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. I wouldn't challenge them if they were more skilled than I am at the process.( Because I would already be dead ). If I couldn't tell the difference between Grandma and the wolf wearing Grandma's skin, I would have been caught long ago. I don't seek them out, I lay in wait for the wolf, dressed as lamb. They ignore reason when it conflicts with desire, and that is always the flaw that leads to their demise. It isn't difficult to expend enough effort to assure food for the year, it is the fact that people are taken from the activities for their own survival to clean the king's windows.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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